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Electric Cooker Installation Newport

Our process at Assured Electricians for installing electric cookers starts with a thorough inspection and testing of your current electrical circuit. If deemed safe and appropriate, our electricians will proceed with the installation. In cases where the existing wiring poses risks, we will provide detailed guidance on the best steps forward.

Modern cookers often connect to a dedicated cooker circuit, simplifying the installation when one is already in place. However, if hard-wiring is necessary, the process becomes more complex.

We must stress that although installing an electric cooker could be a “DIY” install, it isn’t something that’s advised. This is primarily because kitchen accidents frequently stem from poor appliance installations.

Electric Cooker Installation Newport

Want Our Electricians To Install Your New Cooker?

Why Use Our Team For Electric Cooker Installations?

For safety reasons, it’s important that you use a professional for this type of technical task. Some companies overcharge for installation services, leading many to attempt DIY installations, risking their safety. Fortunately, Assured Electricians offers an affordable service by fully qualified electricians who can safely and professionally connect your electric cooker, oven, or hob.

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